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Welcome to “I Read it Online Somewhere” a podcast looking at some of those Science questions you might have and talking about some you maybe haven’t!

Each episode we will be looking at some of the interesting science stories we read online that week as well as trying to answer some of the bigger questions like; why is the sky blue and which came first the chicken or the egg. These questions might even come from the public!

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August 18, 2021

S2 E6 - Wet Canines

This week the gang talk about brushing your teeth and when is the best time to do it!

Tell me you didn't pass Science at school - We look at your body reset button...

Questions from the public:

  • How does the electrolyzed water hand sanitiser work?
  • Why does my deodorant contain aluminium?
  • Why do we need a second vaccine?
  • Why do all dogs have a wet dog smell?

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